We Work’s global coworking success and its subsequent downfall

By |28 February 2020|Categories: CoWorking|Tags: , , , |

For most professionals who got a chance to work at the coworking space, WeWork, the idea of working there was just as exciting and intoxicating as it was vague and ...

How to explain Coworking to someone who is new to the ‘Shared Offices’ concept

By |27 February 2020|Categories: CoWorking|Tags: , , , |

Although coworking has seen rapid growth all across the globe, it is an emerging industry and a concept that many professionals are still not completely familiar with. While many startups, ...

Pros and Cons of Working from Home and a Coworking Space for a Freelancer

By |25 February 2020|Categories: CoWorking|Tags: , , , |

If you’ve just opted out of your office job to pursue your dream career as a freelancer, then it pays to stop for a second and carefully weigh the pros ...

Why Startup Companies and Small IT Companies prefer Coworking Spaces rather than Independent Offices

By |24 February 2020|Categories: CoWorking|Tags: , , |

In the last decade or so, entrepreneurs, startups and small IT companies have increasingly started to rely on coworking spaces. We take an in-depth look into why coworking spaces are ...

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