Many people are eager to take advantage of remote employment opportunities because it has so many benefits. But there are obvious drawbacks to making money outside of the office, as anyone who has tried it will know. The best way to take advantage of remote working, whether you plan to work from home, a coworking space, or anywhere else, is to be aware of the dangers and hurdles before you start. That is why we will share three challenges of working remotely to help you understand potential issues you could face.

Managing work-life balance

Whether you work for a business or independently, scheduling time off when you work remotely can be challenging. If you work for yourself, you might have a client who wants assistance immediately, and you do not want to let someone else take over the project due to not being reachable. If you work for a company, you might have colleagues reaching out, not realising you are away or on a break. Putting your work life on hold can also be more difficult when your office and home are in the same place. Even when you finish work for the day, you might still find yourself checking your emails or feeling bad for watching TV when you could be working since you are technically still in your office space. But whether you work from home or out of a coworking space, it can be challenging to manage the balance between your work and home life. That is why establishing clear boundaries between the two is essential. Make sure to set a schedule for your workday and follow it. Let everyone you work with have plenty of notice when you plan to take time off, and no matter how much you want to, do not check your work when you are supposed to be away from it.

Dealing with distractions

Another significant issue you are likely to face when working from home is distractions. The design in a conventional office and most workplaces is to minimise distractions. The atmosphere is professional, everyone focuses on work, and you will not have children or pets running around under your feet. That is not the case when working from home. It is pretty easy to lose half an hour on an unrelated task when there are numerous distractions everywhere around you and no one to encourage you to maintain your focus on staying productive. If you struggle with interruptions, it is likely because your personal and professional lives are starting to blend. You might be trying to manage a child while managing a household and working on a project. You might constantly be doing small chores around the house when you should be working. That is why you need to set limits like you would if you were working out of an office. The primary difference is that you have to set the limits yourself. Ensure your household members know not to bother you and that any children are cared for as if you were at work. Of course, that does not apply to everyone. Some people are unbothered by taking care of children or distracting pets even while at work and can still maintain productivity. What is most important is finding what works for you and sticking to it.

Handling the isolation 

The last major challenge we will look at is the feeling of loneliness that can creep in when working remotely. You can quite easily spend the entire day without seeing anyone when if you are working from home alone. And many people underestimate the value of the social interactions a workplace provides. That is the most significant challenge for many people who work from home, and because of the loneliness, many are choosing to join coworking spaces. That has led to more coworking spaces opening worldwide as remote working becomes an increasingly popular choice, not just for freelancers and independents but also for corporations. These coworking spaces give you a workplace with a productive environment and a chance to socialise and connect with like-minded professionals. And if you are looking for a coworking space to fit your needs, come and visit us at CoSpace. We offer a vibrant professional environment where you can connect with other professionals and maximise your productivity.


Remote working has many benefits, but you should be aware of these three main challenges that can make things difficult. Establishing clear work-life boundaries, setting limits, and joining a coworking space can help address these issues. Hopefully, this will help you be more aware of what it is like to work remotely and decide if it is the right choice for you.

If you want more information and tips on coworking and shared workspaces, check out some of our other blogs and articles. We love sharing our knowledge about coworking and regularly update to help others grow their understanding, so check back often.

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