If you’ve just opted out of your office job to pursue your dream career as a freelancer, then it pays to stop for a second and carefully weigh the pros and cons of working from home vs. working out of a coworking space:

Working from Home


Create your own workspace and routine

When working from home, you have control over your daily routine and the environment you work in. Prefer to start working extra early in the morning or perhaps use an exercise ball instead of that stiff chair? You the man – or woman!

May help cut down costs

No commute to the office, no travel expenses, plus the time and energy saved while travelling. Enough said!

Create a healthy work/life balance

How many folks do you know who are stuck in the daily grind, complaining about a lack of a work-life balance? Consider yourself lucky – setting your own hours means achieving a healthy balance.


Self-discipline isn’t for everyone

With no one to check on you or remind you of specific tasks, it can get difficult to maintain the self-discipline required to stay productive and consistent.

Working in isolation

Even though there are many freelancers who prefer to work alone – saying that the sense of peace and solitude keeps their creative juices flowing – some tend to suffer from loneliness and mental health issues.

Separating work from life can be challenging

Ironically enough, working from home can also throw your work-life balance out of whack. Many freelancers end up taking on more work than they can handle, to make ends meet.

Working from a Coworking Space


“Through the roof” motivation levels

Coworking spaces are specifically set up to encourage innovative thinking, idea sharing and hard work. They break away from the traditional ‘cooped up in a cubicle’ routine to one where everyone is constantly inspiring and motivating each other.

Display professionalism to win contracts

While restaurants and coffee shops can act as a backdrop for meeting clients and giving presentations, it can’t compete with a professional office setup. Shared workspaces have all the facilities to help freelancers attract and win over potential clients in a professional setting.

Invaluable connections

Perhaps one of the biggest ‘assets’ coworking spaces offer is the ability to access a wealth of knowledge from different industries. With so many professionals to network with, freelancers often end up learning more than they ever thought possible.


Distractions may get the best of you

Despite being a very productive environment for serious freelancers, there may be distractions to deal with, such as people chatting away more than they should.

Expenses can rack up quickly

While there are many coworking spaces that offer reasonable deals, some can see your coworking costs adding up quickly, especially if you can’t do without the ‘extras’ like a communal kitchen or faster laptops.

Restrictions on working hours

We’re all attuned to our own daily work cycle. With a coworking space, however, you can only use it between the hours it’s available.

Over to You

Hopefully, this breakdown should help you decide which option is best to bolster your freelancing career.