The continuing popularity of coworking spaces has led to an increase in the number of coworking spaces around the world. Today, we will look at how a coworking space can differentiate itself from the market. We will be looking at six services coworking spaces should offer that can help them add value to their offerings and create valuable time savings and improved satisfaction among their members. With that in mind, let us look at these six services and see how they can help a coworking space and its members.

Front desk services

Having a receptionist at your coworking space can make a massive difference for visitors and members alike. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic receptionist can manage many routine tasks, such as welcoming guests and potential new members. They can also be very helpful in offering assistance to members looking to make bookings for conference or meeting rooms, delivering any mail, and providing other general assistance. For those trying to run a small but growing business with a limited staff, offering these valuable services as part of a membership at your coworking space can pay significant dividends in terms of time savings and improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately, expert call-answering services can help your members focus more on completing their core tasks in less time and help increase their income potential.

Branding opportunities

Branding is an essential part of any business, and a company that is operating from and using a coworking space as its headquarters should be allowed to mark its office there. Developing your coworking space to be more member-friendly in that you allow your members to promote themselves can be incredibly rewarding in the long run. Offering your members the option to brand their office space is a great way to ensure that your members feel supported and well-represented as a part of your coworking space’s community.

You can do this by allowing members to display their logos within their private office spaces rather than just plastering your coworking space’s logo and branding all over the area. This method will help build up your goodwill with members and help your members’ brand to become more well-known and gain exposure which can, in the long run, help promote their business growth. After all, at the end of the day, the success of your coworking space’s members will also help to promote your brand as an ideal environment for a growing business.

Consultation services

Another excellent option for an add-on service for a coworking space to offer their members is more of a package than a single service. And that is offering consultancy and advisory services related to accounting, digital marketing or human resources, among others, to members of your community. Given that a large proportion of the members of a coworking space tend to be small businesses, independent contractors, and business owners who may not have the resources or knowledge to address them otherwise, offering these services can be an incredibly useful way to enhance engagement and member satisfaction.

One way to offer advisory services is to host forums at your coworking space for members to meet with and connect with professional specialists dealing with taxation, accounting, digital marketing, or any other services that a small business or freelancer might not have access to otherwise. By enabling your members to have easy access to the support of professionals in these areas, you provide a new avenue for them to utilise your community’s resources and offer even greater value for your membership packages.

Virtual offices

Virtual office services present an attractive alternative option for businesses, remote workers and freelancers that are not yet sure about fully committing to joining a coworking space. Offering virtual office services can be a great way to draw in these clients and develop an additional revenue stream. Some of the services coworking spaces can offer as part of a virtual office include providing meeting areas, mail services and storage space. This option allows potential members to benefit from all the advantages of a coworking space without committing to being present at the physical location.

Additionally, virtual offices are less costly and can be personalised according to each individual or company’s needs. This method allows such clients to separate their personal and professional lives while working from home and having access to many of the same resources a coworking space would offer if they were to join as regular members. Virtual spaces add an additional layer of flexibility that can help clients and members to develop and advance their business goals with fully customisable and cost-effective services.

Outdoor workspaces

If a coworking space has the option to do so, they should really consider offering outdoor working spaces to their members. Making outdoor workspaces available allows members to enjoy the outdoors and can be a great way to provide a nice little change of atmosphere and scenery while still offering a productive working environment. One of the things to consider for this purpose is to invest in furniture and decor designed for outdoor use to make the area both comfortable and attractive.

Having an overhead covering, such as an awning, can also provide much-needed protection from the elements for anyone working outdoors. Finally, adding a few plants or trees can help to create a tranquil atmosphere that encourages productivity and lifts the mood. With these few simple steps, a coworking space can make a great outdoor workspace for members that will help set them apart from the competition in a unique way.

Exercise facilities

With the demands of their work and personal life, many members of coworking spaces often struggle to find the time to exercise regularly. That may be due to arriving too late to get a good workout in by the time they finish their workday. Coworking spaces that offer access to an exercise facility can help members overcome this obstacle and provide an incredible benefit to members looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even if it is relatively limited in scope, offering an exercise facility gives members the flexibility to get their workouts done at any time of the day. In addition to the physical benefits, exercise can be a great way to improve mental health by helping to clear the mind and refocus, making members more productive and motivated when they return to work. Providing access to an exercise facility at the coworking space can be a significant advantage and a desirable amenity to potential members looking to make the most of their time while staying active and healthy.


These six services are an excellent way for a coworking space to differentiate itself from the market and help its member significantly. By implementing even a few of these services, a coworking space can stand out from the competition and vastly improve its value to its members. These services create a highly supportive environment that enhances the member’s productivity and helps them develop their businesses leading to greater satisfaction. And just as significantly, the members’ success will also help promote the coworking space as an excellent environment for a growing business to thrive and expand.

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