You’re all excited and hyped up to join this coworking space your friends have been telling you about.

You sign off on the contract and but when you start working there, an overwhelming feeling almost makes your heart sink.

While coworking can be an excellent way of collaborating with like-minded professionals, it can also prove to be extremely counter-productive, if you end up at a coworking space that leaves a lot to be desired.

What works for others may not work for you

Every coworking space is different – some boast a creative, casual and friendly vibe while others are squarely focused on the aesthetics and projecting a more “serious business-like” vibe. Somewhere in there, a coworking space exists to meet your needs.

Here are eight telltale you’ve ended up in the wrong coworking space:

The environment feels more “office-like” than a “community”

One of the key factors that sets a coworking space apart is a sense of community and belonging. If you’re feeling isolated in a cubicle, it’s time to explore other options.

The space feels really empty

Unless it’s really late in the night or super-early in the morning, a coworking space is the one place that you expect to be buzzing with activity. If it isn’t, then you may be better off at a place that’s chock full of zest and energy during normal work hours.

You’re starting to find the activities around you annoying

Ever fantasize about strangling the guy behind you like Homer strangles Bart in The Simpsons? It’s time to move on, because you don’t need to tolerate that guy who’s always making the life/death sales call.

You feel dread at the thought of going

While not feeling like going to work on certain days is normal, a sense of dread about going somewhere to channel your creativity just isn’t right. Pay attention to your gut feeling – switch coworking spaces.

You’re not really ‘connecting’ with anyone

Part of the beauty of working in a coworking space is that you get to build lifelong connections that may benefit you professionally and personally. If you’re spending too much time on your own, then you’re just paying for desk rental and nothing else.

The only person who knows you is the customer service guy

If the only communication and social interaction you have all day is with the front desk customer service person, than you are definitely better off at another coworking space.

Walking to the bathroom is the most exciting part of the day

You’re buried in your laptop for hours on end. You look up to take a break and everyone else is doing the exact same thing! There’s a lot more to coworking than just going to the bathroom and stretching your legs. Find a space that offers more interaction.

You start counting the days until your contract expires

Wow – that bad, huh? If you’re counting down the days to until your contract is up, you are 100% stuck in the wrong coworking space.

Make a move, now!