There is so much happening around us that it’s tough getting your brand noticed. That’s where Public Relations (PR) plays a crucial part in aiding this process by shining the right light on your business so that people become aware of it. PR involves constructing strategic relationships with organisations and audience through trusted and ethical communication to build brand awareness and credibility. Here are a few cost-effective PR tips for 2020 to get your brand noticed

  • Using social media to connect with customers

For a start business, especially small ones must be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whichever suits them best. You can directly inform your customers of new products, upcoming projects, expansions etc. CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace FB Area are active on social media platforms that help build awareness about them. Platforms like these give you the option to engage personally with your customers where you can address their queries and concerns. Most importantly, you can clarify any misconceptions that form in their minds.

  • Create a flexible Social Media Strategy

You should conduct extensive research before designing your social media strategy. You can see what your competitors are doing, get inspiration from it and create something even better. Digital trends are continually evolving, so ideally, you should have a margin of flexibility to incorporate the need for alteration.

  • Creating engaging content

Content is what drives attention towards your business; thus, it must be informative, entertaining and inspirational. After visiting your website/blog, people should have the feeling that they have learned something that catches their interest.  Your content should have a pleasant personality to it like pictures or videos so that people do not get bored of monotonous information. Most importantly, it should inspire readers in a way that they have a reason to take action. When you visit CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace FB area’s website, it’s filled with engaging content that makes you want to work in a professional environment.

  • Use influencers and brand ambassadors

You can find reliable people who act as brand ambassadors, and they promote your business on various social media platforms. It would inspire loyalty in customers as they see famous people using your product or service and how satisfied they are with it.

  • Earned media strategy

This is a brilliant move in PR as it’s the complete opposite of advertising. Advertising in virtual space or magazines requires you to pay for it, whereas, earned media attracts attention to your business through your actions only.  Examples of earned media can be an award that your business won, like if CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace FB Area receive an award for being pioneers of introducing the concept of coworking in Pakistan.

It would be best if you implemented these tips ethically and transparently, which will enable businesses to build long term relationships with their customers. They can achieve this by delivering their commitments adequately.