In our fast-paced society, productivity is a critical component of being successful. Concentrating and completing activities can be challenging when so many distractions and tasks are around, especially when working remotely. However, here are three tips to increase productivity that will help you focus better and get more done in less time. These suggestions will help improve your work performance and be more effective in your daily life.

Find a place to remain for a while

Selecting a workspace that you can stay in for a while will allow you to experience sustained periods of uninterrupted work. Nothing will break your productivity more than getting into the flow of your work only to have it ruined by interruptions or requests to move. Once you have found a place where you can work in peace, you will be able to concentrate on your work thoroughly. This step is equally vital whether working at home or from a coffee shop. Just make sure to find one with a reputation for being more laid-back and not asking you to make a purchase to stay. And look for space away from the door and the counter to avoid any bustle.

Pick a comfortable space

Another essential aspect to keep in mind is staying comfortable while working. You do not want to be in the middle of your work only to realise that the place is too hot to stay in or the air conditioner is pointed right at you, and you are starting to freeze. That is because the sudden realisation of discomfort can break your concentration and make it difficult to focus on your work. Just as importantly, you should also make sure to maintain a healthy posture while working. If possible, find ergonomic furniture in the office or at home. Many co-working spaces will have them as well. You might also want to look at ensuring your desk or table is at a comfortable height. If you want to work while standing, ensure that the desk or counter you are using does not give you neck pain and that you have a spot to sit down when you get tired of standing around. Alternatively, you can look for a standing desk, as they are better for longer duration of work.

Turn off email and social media notifications

Learning how to ignore interruptions is an essential part of staying productive. That is why the last tip is to turn off any unnecessary notifications, including email and social media. If possible, you should put your phone in aeroplane mode. You can do this quite easily when you are getting ready to work. Set your notifications and alerts to reactivate after a set period of time, including email and instant messaging apps. And if you are leading a remote team, you should encourage them to do the same. This method will help you get more done during a crunch period than if you are constantly looking at your phone every time it beeps.


These three tips to improve productivity will help ensure that you can get more work done, no matter where you work. By putting these three ideas into practice, you will start to see a real difference in your productivity whether you are working from home, in a co-working space or even in a cafe.

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