Coworking spaces continue to rise in popularity, and not just among freelancers and entrepreneurs. As more people take up coworking, it would be a good idea to brush up on how to be a good coworking space user. Here are three things to remember when using a coworking space that will allow you to work to your best capacity hassle-free.

Every workplace has its etiquette that helps make the place a harmonious and productive environment, and coworking spaces are no different. If you are interested in working at a coworking space, then you should keep these three things in mind.

Be aware of others

The first thing to remember is that when you join a workspace, you will likely have a few options to choose from for how you want to work. Depending on the coworking space and your preferences, you may share your workspace with others. Regardless of your choice, there are plenty of communal areas to rest and relax. In either case, it always helps to pay attention to how you use the space and of others there. Treat the coworking space as you would an office. Keep your voice at a moderate volume, keep your work contained to your workspace and avoid hogging the recreational areas when taking a break.

Manage your time

When coworking, time management is essential, especially if bookings are involved. Many things that are at a coworking space will require bookings. Time management ensures that you are ready for your time slot, can work productively, and can leave quickly once your time is up. For example, if you book a meeting room for an hour, make sure that you finish whatever you are doing and are ready to vacate the space on time. That is because others may have booked the room after you, and you want to avoid inconveniencing others.

Clean up 

Crucial to operating out of coworking spaces are cleanliness and hygiene. You will be sharing many of the areas and facilities with other members of the coworking space, after all. And while coworking spaces have maintenance and janitorial staff to keep the place clean, you should never forget to clean up after yourself. That is so that you will not inconvenience the next person using it.


Given the benefits of a coworking space, they attract a wide range of customers, which is why good etiquette is crucial for working together. By following these three simple tips, you will be able to maintain peace of mind and work at your maximum efficiency at whichever coworking space you decide to join.

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