Not just for freelancers and small business owners anymore, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular as fantastic alternatives for traditional offices. But what is it that has brought them such success? That is, we will examine by looking at four things that make for a successful coworking space.

These days their incredible popularity means that coworking spaces are present in every major city, with even the least impressive offering excellent terms and benefits for joining them. So, let us now take a look at four things that will make coworking spaces more successful.


The first thing to look at is a coworking space’s amenities. Most coworking spaces offer the same fixtures and features that you would find in a conventional office space. From high-speed WiFi and access to printing and scanning services to kitchen, dining and lounge areas, coworking spaces have it all. And some of the more premium spaces offer their members even more. Another common feature of most coworking spaces is the networking opportunities they offer. Coworking spaces tend to actively encourage and organize community-building activities and host workshops, talks from experts, and more.


Another major factor in the popularity and success of the coworking space industry is that they are significantly less costly than renting an office. One of the reasons for this is that most coworking spaces will package all the costs that a member has to pay into a single membership fee. On the other hand, when you rent an office, you will have to manage the costs of not just the rent but all the overheads and their management. Coworking spaces take all that hassle out of your hands. Those looking to join just pay a membership fee based on their usage requirements and gain access to all the amenities and common areas. At the same time, the management of the coworking space will handle all maintenance and upkeep for the space, allowing members to use the space hassle-free. Not just that, but these spaces also offer a great deal of flexibility. They allow members access to different workspace options and payment schedules, but most of them tend to have short-term contracts allowing you to change locations with ease if needed.


Location plays another major part in the potential success of a coworking space. Many coworking spaces will choose a location with relatively easy connectivity and access to public transport. And coworking spaces tend to be very centrally located. As long as a place has easy access to the main road and is easy to find with plenty of decent food places at walking distance., you can be sure that a coworking space will be nearby. That is because proximity to decent food options will make it easier to bring in new members.


The last factor we will look at is the layout of the coworking space and how it is used. The coworking space will be radically different depending on whether they cater to a large target audience or a niche. That is especially the case with coworking spaces that are designed for particular niche segments, such as creatives or the tech industry. These spaces take their layouts very seriously, as the space itself is the product. That is why coworking spaces will encourage community building as that can develop into an asset they can advertise to potential customers. That is something that is even more important in niche markets where the group of professionals is small, and having multiple in one place can lead to exciting collaboration possibilities. Most such spaces will have ample open space for the shared work area and multiple smaller rooms for private offices and meeting areas, accompanied by spaces that are available to all members, including commonly a kitchen, dining, and lounge area.


These are four of the reasons behind the success of coworking spaces. The benefits they bring can easily attract customers and allow them to grow rapidly as an industry.

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