A brand new year is upon us, and with it comes new goals, hopes and dreams. Have you planned how you or your team members are going to increase productivity this year?

Sit back and grab a cuppa – here are some simple steps you can take to boost productivity in the new year:

Become more self-aware

Did you know that simply by taking a few minutes out each day to review how you’re currently communicating or interacting with others can be a productivity game changer?

Plus, it also helps to become more self-aware not just in your work life but also your personal life. Simply by unplugging yourself from certain devices and “dewiring”, you may be able to up productivity. In one study, participants reported a 15-20% boost in productivity simply by not using their phone or watching TV a few hours before bedtime.

Improve your current skills and learn

When was the last time you actively worked at enhancing your current skills or picking up new ones?

According to a recent finding by the Harvard Business Review, the pandemic-induced lockdown has made people responsible for their own schedules – i.e. they pursue 50% more activities based on personal choice because they seem them as “important” – with the other 50% being activities someone asked them to do.

As for the first 50%, why not choose more of your activities based on enhancing current skills and learning new ones? Co-working out of shared office space is one of the best ways to collaborate, network and pick up new skills.

Make every minute count in your daily schedule

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re participating in meetings that are, at the end of the day, more a waste of time than actually a productivity-boosting vehicle? Or why you’re, for example, pursuing a certain course online and not really reaping any real benefit?

Stop and ask yourself: How many of the daily activities I pursue are actually helping me accomplish my key goals?

Sometimes, it could be something as simple as starting work early and finishing early, or taking more frequent breaks instead of one big break in the afternoon. Make your schedule work for you – make every minute count!

Get moving!

Why not start 2022 with more movement and physical exertion? Yes, indeed – getting more exercise is something that can not only uplift your mood and prove great for your health but also improve productivity levels.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the benefits of exercise, including a mood and energy boost as well improved sleep, is higher productivity. If you think about it, each one of the above is directly connected to being the best version of yourself.

You don’t even have to be a champion weight lifter or a seasoned runner – even a few minutes of brisk walking and stretching can do wonders to boost your mood, reduce stress levels, promote better sleep, and ultimately, increase productivity.

Start 2022 with a bang

The above are relatively simple steps but can have a majorly positive impact on your productivity across the board!