We plan to share three reasons to join a coworking space for freelancers and small businesses currently operating from home. While working from a home office can seem like a fantastic option when you first start as a freelancer or small business. You can work at the pace you want and save money on renting an office, which may be too expensive for you at this stage anyway. But it has obvious downsides, too, such as the tediousness and lack of interaction from spending the entire day at home can be draining, and it is not the best place to hold in-person meetings with clients or collaborators.

And it can sometimes be hard to concentrate on essential work-related activities due to the distractions that constantly surround you at home. That might show you the cause for why operating from a home office will not work when your clientele or business expands. And you may already be aware of some of the advantages a coworking space may offer. But just in case you are still hesitating, here are three reasons to join a coworking space that may help change your mind and convince you.

More sales potential

A significant benefit of joining a coworking space is the opportunities to network that become available. Getting out of the house allows you the chance to attract new customers. It is much harder to meet new people and find new business opportunities when you are working from home. At a coworking space, you have the chance to collaborate with others and offer your services to other members. You may find that other coworking space members can recommend you to a new client or ask you to team up with them to work on a new project.

Additionally, having a physical workspace and conference room available can be a significant advantage that a home office cannot offer. They enable you to connect with larger, more notable potential clients you might hesitate to approach when working from home.

Improved creativity

Studies have shown that our routines and workspaces have a tangible impact on our creativity. Even if you are able to remain productive in a home office, staying at home all day can quickly lead most people to burnout.

On the other hand, working out of an actual workspace with an attractive setting alongside others can considerably boost your creative thinking. And coworking spaces typically have lovely designs, excellent lighting, and great colour choices, which are all highly conducive to getting your creative juices flowing. Your mindset will begin shifting as soon as you start getting dressed for work and leaving the house. Additionally, at a coworking space, you can have others around to brainstorm concepts and gain fresh, new insights into your projects.

Encouraging environment

Many might find it challenging to remain motivated when working from home, especially if working on your own. Finding a group, mentor, or someone to hold you accountable partner is one way that some have found to deal with this issue. And a coworking space is a great way to find such a group, and you can even set it up as a regular meeting point. Organising meetings or brainstorming sessions is much easier and more accessible when you all share the same workspace and can book a meeting room. This kind of interaction can help you increase your motivation. And you will find the inspiration to keep up with your workload more effectively if you are around other motivated professionals who are also attempting to achieve something great.


These are three of the reasons that joining a coworking space can be advantageous over working from home. These benefits show why many freelancers and small businesses choose to move from working from home to coworking spaces. Hopefully, these reasons can help convince you of the benefits of joining a coworking space.

If you find this helpful, let us know in the comments below. And if you want more information and tips on coworking and shared workspaces, check out some of our other blogs and articles. We love sharing our knowledge about coworking and regularly update to help others grow their understanding, so check back often.

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