The future of coworking is likely to involve a continued expansion of the industry as more businesses and individuals seek out flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions. With that in mind, we will look at three predictions for the future of coworking spaces.

We expect to see coworking spaces become more than just alternatives to traditional office spaces. Their ability to create a connected and collaborative environment that offers a more productive atmosphere and accessible community makes them a fantastic resource for their members. With that in mind, here are our expectations for the future of coworking spaces.


The first thing we will look at is the role of technology in coworking spaces. We see technology playing an increasingly significant role in the future of coworking, with the ability to automate procedures and offer more security controls expected to become more widespread. That could allow members to make bookings more easily and schedule access to meeting rooms. It would also allow the coworking space to share community events and services directly with its members through secure portals that only they can access. More advanced security technology should allow coworking spaces to control access to the location better and allow automated check-ins/check-outs that will enable members to work in peace.


Another trend we are already seeing is the move towards coworking spaces becoming more specialised, catering to specific industries or member demographics. We expect to see the emergence of coworking spaces with designs explicitly suited to meet the needs of a particular market segment, such as creative professionals, tech startups, or even media influencers. The benefits of a specialised coworking space are that professionals and organisations in that industry can network and collaborate with other professionals in their field. These coworking spaces will also be able to offer more amenities and features that meet their target segments’ particular and specialised needs. The rise of specialised coworking spaces is already happening, and we expect to see more of it in the future.


As the trend towards remote work continues to grow, we can expect to see coworking spaces become more integral to how freelancers and remote workers operate. In addition to providing a physical workspace, coworking spaces offer a sense of community, support, and professional development opportunities that are lacking for those who are working from home. When done from home, remote work can lead to increased stress and a higher chance of burnout due to the environment and lack of a community. We expect a continued shift towards coworking spaces, with more freelancers and remote workers joining coworking spaces to escape their work-from-home routines.


These are three trends that we see taking shape in the coworking industry. Overall, the future of coworking is likely to involve a continued focus on specialised spaces, improved technology, and an increased sense of community as more businesses and individuals seek workspace solutions that meet their needs and goals outside of traditional offices.

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