With their excellent design and aesthetics, coworking spaces are fantastic places to work and also serve as sources of inspiration. Today, we will look at four outstanding coworking spaces from around the world, each with its own distinctive mix of decor, amenities, and atmosphere. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a maker, or a creative, these venues have something unique to offer to improve your working environment.

So, here are four outstanding coworking spaces from around the world that we think are worth a visit. Hopefully, they will help you find some inspiration and give you an idea of what is possible in the coworking industry.

The Crew Collective & Café, Montreal

The Crew Collective & Cafe in Montreal is an exceptional coworking space based in a historic former Royal Bank building from the 1920s.

The space has been converted into a coworking hub, providing access to different areas for staff, co-working members, conference room renters, and cafe patrons, separated by glass walls. Members can access private offices and virtual services and work and collaborate around the clock. The cafe offers a bustling public space for networking, leisure, and unwinding, and the building from the 1920s makes a lovely backdrop for the modern amenities of the coworking space. The Crew Collective & Cafe offers a distinctive experience by fusing old-world splendour with cutting-edge conveniences and a friendly vibe.

Makerversity, London

A coworking space for professional makers, Makerversity in London combines workshop areas, equipment, and tools with office-style coworking. The goal is to unite creatives and technological professionals so they may work together and develop new abilities through educational initiatives. The basement site of Somerset House offers a variety of coworking possibilities, including a wood workshop, digital workshop, textile workshop, engineering workshop, podcast studio, and assembly area for events. This location has room for 350 members. A full-bed CNC machine, 3D printers, laser cutters, industrial heat presses, and metal lathes are just a few of the tools available to members. Makerversity’s goal is to help uplift and support the expanding maker communities in major cities around the world.

.andwork Shibuya, Tokyo

.andwork Shibuya in Japan offers a distinctive and unique coworking environment that combines home comforts with a shared workstation. It is reachable by hotel guests and non-guests and situated in Tokyo’s hip Shibuya neighbourhood. The coworking area spans two floors and has a sizable open space with desks, couches, booths, and a patio. .andwork offers a comfortable and fashionable atmosphere with a lounge, kitchen with complimentary tea and coffee, private phone booths, meeting spaces, and happy hour with free beer. .andwork is a great place to network because it has sites throughout Japan & is well-liked by both Japanese and foreign groups.

The Great Room, Singapore

A comfortable and elegant coworking space, The Great Room. This coworking space on One George Street in Singapore boasts a grand ambience reminiscent of a hotel or private club thanks to its dark wood and black and gold palette. It has five locations in Bangkok, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, and Singapore’s iconic Raffles hotel. An on-site coffee bar, a nightly trolley service with hot chocolate and pastries, and a luxurious and cosy working space are all provided by The Great Room. The designs and art collections from the architectural firm that produced the well-known Singapore landmarks added to the sophisticated atmosphere overall.


These four coworking spaces are excellent examples of the industry’s adaptability and ingenuity. Each of these coworking spaces has a unique combination of design, comfort, and functionality, making it a fantastic place to work and network. These coworking spaces offer everything from modern and stylish to an old-world charm, which demonstrates that there really is something for everyone in the coworking industry. And as these four outstanding coworking spaces from around the world show, you will undoubtedly find a workspace that matches your needs and motivates you to produce your best work. At the same time, they can serve as inspirations for coworking spaces looking to create a unique and attractive atmosphere for their members.

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