Creating the ideal coworking space can be quite a challenge. One coworking space plan does not suit all needs in the coworking industry. The wide range of people that will show up will have varying demands for the kind of workspaces that match their particular requirements. But then again, flexibility is one of the most significant benefits of coworking spaces. And contrary to traditional office settings, coworking organisations favour flexible, cutting-edge layouts. So here are three ideas for a great coworking space that could help you design a shared space that enables you to help each member find a space to meet their requirements.

Open-air benches

One of the best examples of a modern workplace setting is open-air benches. These are great for allowing individual members to engage with each other and are an excellent way to promote collaboration. There are no special considerations or designated seating with open-air benches, just a table and chair that anyone can use. That makes them ideal for any coworking space despite their somewhat utilitarian appearance. And especially considering that full-sized desks are far less common in shared workplaces, all you need is space for a laptop and a few documents. That is great because that also means that having open-air benching eliminates many of the logistical issues of planning out the area in your coworking space.


Pods are another great and highly affordable option for adding to a coworking space. These workstations adhere to the fundamental shared space design principle of limiting the number of users while allowing them to collaborate in small groups. These small group pods are ideal for coworking space members who are looking to work in teams or collaborate. They also offer a modicum of privacy and separation from the open areas allowing members to work in peace if that is what they require. Another advantage that pods provide is that they can be a great way to encourage networking and mingling between coworking space members. One way to do this is for the coworking space to set up pod assignments that promote a communal work atmosphere using shared preferences. For example, you can set up design pods for creative types, programming pods for software developers, and pods based on musical preferences for people of similar tastes to meet up. All kinds of options are available to help you bring together the coworking space members into a community over shared interests.

Individual workspaces

Running a coworking space with individual workstations might not be a great idea. After all, there is no assurance that you will be able to fill the seats at all times. But they are nonetheless still an essential part of any fully equipped coworking space. The reason for having them around is that members will inevitably require the use of private workstations. And considering how basic a need this is, it is crucial that you can meet their needs in this aspect. After all, people will require a separate space for private conversations, online and in-person meetings, and any number of other tasks that require some degree of seclusion and privacy. However, despite their incredible versatility in use, individual workspaces also have somewhat poor space usage; it might be best for your coworking space to have a limited set of them and only make them available by reservation to save you from unnecessary headaches. It is also a good idea to limit the time someone can reserve one of these limited places, especially if there is a greater-than-expected demand for them.


When creating a coworking space, one of the primary things to do is to aim for a highly flexible set of options that simultaneously encourage collaboration and allow room for your members to maximise their productivity. So if you want to design or redesign your coworking space, keep these three ideas in mind for their highly flexible and multipurpose usability.

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