Where isolated offices provide privacy and specific work environment, coworking spaces open various opportunities to promote your brand. Without much effort, people around you become aware of your product/service and might give you a chance or recommend you to others.

Here are a few tips on building networking in a coworking space.

  1. Socialise

Be the one who starts up a conversation within the work area. At our coworking spaces in Karachi, CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace 2.0 we encourage chit chats even over a cup of tea. Work in open spaces if it doesn’t require much concentration. Having an open and receptive approach will lead to new relationships and meaningful conversations without much hard work. You will realise many were from your target market whom you approached effortlessly.

  • Barter system

Instead of offering money when buying something from our CoSpaces’ tenants, (CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace 2.0), we suggest that you offer your services. This will create awareness and promote your work amongst other members in the office too.

For example, if a graphic designer in a particular coworking space in Karachi designs cards for a fellow public relations manager, whoever receives the card will know the work is done by one of the coworking space member only.

  • Passion show

At the coworking spaces in Karachi, talking about your business related passion can generate curiosity and build relations. This in turn will develop interest and create demand. The direct person might not have interest in your product but he/she may recommend it to others. At our coworking spaces, CoSpace 1.0 and at CoSpace 2.0, the employees try their best to promote their fellow colleagues’ products as far as possible.

  • Promotional stationery or souvenirs

Pens, writing pads or mugs with your brand’s name, logo or web address can be placed in common rooms in a coworking space. These materials would be needed in routine in any of the Coworking spaces in Karachi and would be noticed by fellow tenants without being requested to.

At CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace 2.0, there are common conference rooms where your supplies can do the trick.

  • Conduct and attend workshops

Small workshops can be conducted for free at Coworking spaces in Karachi. Companies in the same field can be invited. It helps in the promotional aspect. Do not share your business secrets but sharing knowledge and relevant information can help others too.

Similarly, at CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace 2.0 we promote workshops attendance too by coworkers. This helps in building relations. You might suggest being a guest speaker and introduce your brand in small talk. This would allow your brand to reach more audience and generate business related inquiries.

Networking is an essential component of a business. It attracts more sales hence profit. Networking in a coworking space is more convenient as there are already people around to introduce your business and promote it further. It is upon you how you make the most out of it.