Every individual and business, no matter how large or small strives to increase its productivity every passing day. It may not be on the top of their list of priorities, but it certainly is one of them. Hacks are small changes or can even be called shortcuts that you can incorporate, and they will give a substantial increase in your productivity. CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace FB Area also consistently work hard to gather more users as more and more people are becoming aware of the concept of coworking. There are various ways in which you can hack your productivity to make the best use of your time and resources.  

Stay organised and prioritise your tasks

Planning is the key to achieve more; ideally, you should plan how to utilise your day from the beginning to end, and it will help reduce the stress of juggling numerous tasks. You should have a list in mind or on paper where you know the first thing you need to attend when you go to work is. Essential tasks should be listed accordingly, and you can also set reminders on your smartphone so that you can do it in time. You can highlight things that are on top priority so that you don’t lose focus while attending to other things. Before finishing work, you should review how much has been done and plan what you need to achieve the following day.

Delegate tasks

You should maintain your focus on tasks that are most important to you and are your strengths; the rest can you can delegate to others. There is only a certain amount of work that you can do yourself, and you must not overburden yourself with things. Thus you should delegate and explain clearly what you exactly wish to achieve. This way, your load will be reduced, and you can make sure others do it just like you would want it.

Incorporate micro change

Micro changes are small changes that are steps to help achieve your bigger goal. When you adopt small changes, they are easy to accept, and slowly you can strengthen to work to your main goal. For example, suppose CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace FB Area wish to expand. In that case, they can make small changes to start working towards achieving that goal; initially, they could start looking for suitable places, then potential users and so on. This way, they will be on their road to expansion easily and within no time.

Use software and Apps

This is a crucial hack in today’s high tech world as we have technology all around us, why not make use of it and make your life easy. There are unlimited apps that help increase your productivity in ways that you cannot imagine; all you need t do is discover them. You can use Zoom to conduct meetings online instead of getting together in a place to discuss matters. Evernote is an excellent tool to help organise your notes digitally; you can easily access them wherever you are. You can use Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts all at once, at it will automatically post them on the time you have decided.

Similarly, various small changes are well known to individuals, but they need to understand their importance. Once they discover their benefits, they will be able to increase their productivity at work and as individuals as well.