The rise of coworking spaces is revolutionising the way people work, and the trend is only likely to continue growing. With time, coworking spaces are increasingly becoming the go-to option for professionals and businesses looking for a productive, adaptable, and flexible workspace alternative to conventional offices as more people turn to remote working options. New trends are influencing how we will work in the future as coworking spaces continue to improve to meet the needs of the times. As coworking spaces continue to evolve, new trends are shaping the future of work. And with that in mind, we will be looking at four coworking space trends to watch out for.

Greater focus on wellness

As the lines between professional and personal lives continue to blur for remote workers, coworking spaces are incorporating more wellness-focused amenities and initiatives to help members stay healthy, motivated and productive. These initiatives and features include adding on-site fitness centres, offering yoga classes, and providing healthy food options in their food selections.

Coworking spaces are also focusing more on adding ergonomic furniture, standing desks, and other amenities to create more comfortable workspaces that help reduce stress and promote their members’ mental and physical well-being. With this trend towards a wellness focus in coworking spaces, members will find environments that not only allow them to work more productively but also help them feel their best.

Hybrid use spaces

Another trend starting to come to the forefront in the coworking industry is the development of more hybrid spaces. This trend is relatively new to coworking spaces, and it looks to combine the benefits of conventional offices with the flexibility that coworking spaces offer. These hybrid spaces allow members to have a more permanent, designated desk or office space while still giving them access to shared coworking areas and amenities.

This type of coworking space is especially popular with larger organisations and teams that want to offer their employees a more flexible work environment. And as more corporations and companies look to find suitable coworking options for their employees, hybrid spaces continue to trend and rise because they offer the best aspects of both conventional and shared workspaces.

Environmentally friendly spaces

As environmental friendliness and sustainability become increasingly important considerations for businesses, coworking spaces are trending towards incorporating these practices. The design of green coworking spaces tends to promote sustainability by offering energy-efficient infrastructure, using renewable energy sources and other such methods.

Environmentally friendly or green coworking spaces are good for the environment, attracting more sustainably minded and environmentally focused companies and professionals. By choosing a green coworking space, members can work in an environment that more closely aligns with their values and contributes to a better future.

Speciality spaces

As the coworking industry continues to grow and change, another trend we will likely continue to see is that of more speciality coworking spaces catering to specific business sectors or demographics. These niche coworking spaces offer a more targeted approach to coworking, offering amenities and services tailored to meet the particular needs of their target demographics.

This trend includes more coworking spaces that cater to women, creative professionals, or specific industries such as technology or finance. Niche spaces such as these offer members a more specialised work environment and the opportunity to network with other professionals in their industry or with similar focuses.


The coworking space industry is constantly evolving, and these trends are just a few of the many shaping the future of how we work. Whether you’re a remote worker, a freelancer, or a larger organisation, there is a coworking space out there that will meet your needs.

By keeping an eye on these four coworking space trends to watch out for, you can stay ahead of the curve and find a coworking space that offers the amenities, community, and environment you are looking for to thrive and grow. So, whether you’re looking for a wellness-focused space or one that caters to your specific industry, there will surely be a coworking space out there that will meet your needs.

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