Coworking spaces offer a very effective solution to the issues faced by freelancers working from home. Here, we will look at five advantages of a coworking space for freelancers to give you a better idea of why they can be so useful.


The first and perhaps most important reason is being cost-effective. Coworking spaces are an excellent solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers on a budget. And yes, it is true that working from home does not involve paying rent, unlike coworking spaces. But over time, remote working from home will start to negatively impact your income and lower how much you can earn. That is because, at home, focusing is much more difficult because of the commotion and distractions always being there. You will find that your ability to earn effectively goes down after an extended period of working from home. Renting a coworking space will help counter this issue and stop you from losing potential earnings.

Networking opportunities

Working in a coworking environment gives you many chances to get to know the other members of the space and network with them. Depending on the coworking space, they may even allow you to market your products and services. Coworking spaces regularly host short workshops and other networking events. These are great for breaking the ice and getting to know others in the coworking space.

Work-life balance

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life is essential to having a happy home life and a productive work life. When a freelancer works from home, there are many conflicts in that balance due to potential distractions and nowhere to get away. Unexpected household tasks can pop up and potentially take up significant amounts of your time. Getting away from these distractions is vital to improving focus and working effectively. Joining a coworking space allows you to work continuously for a period of time and then go home to get away from work and relax.

Establishing routines

Any good freelancer requires a certain amount of self-discipline. That is a must if you want to follow a daily schedule. Working from home, however, may cause you to lose track of your carefully established routine. On the other hand, coworking spaces allow you to have the feeling of professionalism and to work away from home, which can let you fall back into your more productive routine.

Higher productivity 

As many of the previous points indicate, productivity is one of the main reasons for choosing to work out of a coworking space. It gives a positive boost when you get up and leave home for work in the morning. You will not get that same boost if you are simply leaving the bed to go to a nearby sofa to work. Working from home can, in fact, sap you of your motivation which can directly lower your productivity. On the other hand, a coworking space offers a more lively atmosphere where other like-minded professionals surround you. That kind of motivation will boost your effectiveness and productivity for the better.


These are five of the reasons that are helping increase the success of coworking spaces. These benefits show why so many freelancers work out of coworking spaces instead of working from home. Hopefully, that should help you determine if coworking is the right choice for you.

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