Getting a membership at a coworking space can be a great way to escape the ever-present distractions of working from home. However, you should make sure to check for several key features before joining. That is especially the case if you are working in the tech field. And here, we will share the essentials of a tech coworking space that you need to consider to ensure an efficient work environment.

The features and amenities that coworking spaces provide can vary greatly. While some of them will have everything you need, others may require you to bring some of your own equipment.

Secure and reliable Wi-Fi

The first thing that you need to ensure is that the space has a secure, reliable and speedy Wi-Fi connection. And you should make sure to get familiar with the Wi-Fi configuration in your coworking space. Most coworking spaces will tend to accommodate the members working there and offer high-speed broadband connections. You will need to ensure that the coworking space has sufficient available bandwidth to easily connect to the cloud, download or upload files, and participate in conference calls without worrying about a slowdown. Just as importantly, you should give security the utmost importance and priority, as well. While some coworking spaces might assign a private network to the more high-tier private office members, others might rely on public guest networks for everyone. Always ensure you are aware of the potential consequences of utilising Wi-Fi in a coworking environment. Consider taking measures to secure your data, such as installing firewalls or antivirus software.

Office infrastructure and equipment

Another core element for a coworking space is that it should provide access to all of the essential infrastructure of a conventional office. Check to see if the coworking space has working scanners, printers and photocopiers. If the coworking space does not have some on-site, then you should keep in mind that it might be a significant extra cost for you depending on your usage. Another thing to consider is the state of the equipment and furniture in the coworking space. Consider whether the coworking space is doing a good enough job of maintaining the office equipment required for a comfortable working atmosphere. You should also make sure to inquire whether the coworking space offers tech assistance to help deal with IT or other related issues as part of their services.

Ergonomic furniture

Today, ergonomic equipment is a common expectation in both traditional offices and coworking spaces. It encourages productivity, comfort, and well-being, especially when you have to work long hours and during crunch times. A coworking space that wants to ensure that it can draw in members will quickly realise the benefits of including sit-stand desks and adjustable-height seats with memory foam padding. Make sure your coworking space has high-quality chairs so you can maintain proper posture if you need to go into a deep sprint of work. Even better, the sit-stand workstations are a great way to stay motivated to move around when working. And you should also check out the furniture in the leisure areas. These may be informal hubs with couches and throw pillows, places for taking some downtime and resting between work, but they should be comfortable enough to relax in for a while when catching a break.

Presentation and recording equipment

Conference rooms and event spaces are just as important aspects of a coworking space, making them very useful for members who are small businesses or especially freelancers. If you require the use of one of these, make sure that they have access to presentation tools like projectors and whiteboards on site. These products may be too pricey for you to purchase or rent on a regular basis, especially if you are a new company or a freelancer. Even if you own your own, carrying the gear around can be difficult, so it is much more convenient if your coworking space already has most of the equipment you need. Some coworking spaces even have recording or podcasting studios available for use. These can be very helpful if you plan to run a podcast or make videos for your website or YouTube. And with the increasing importance of digital platforms, a coworking space focused on the tech sector may well have these options available for members.


Taking the time to check for all these essentials will ensure that your coworking space provides the technology and support needed to work efficiently. Choosing to join a coworking space has many benefits over working from home, and if you keep these essentials in mind, it will help you find a place that ensures your productivity is at its best.

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