Developing a comprehensive coworking marketing plan is essential for any flexible office space to ensure a consistent flow of members. Waiting until there is a need for additional members can often lead to playing catch-up, so having an ongoing strategy to draw people away from coffee shops and into your coworking space is critical. We will share three tips for developing an effective marketing strategy for coworking spaces to spread the word about the advantages of your coworking space. By having a comprehensive marketing plan in place, you can ensure that you have a steady stream of memberships and revenue necessary to maintain and expand your business.

Identify your target market

Every successful coworking marketing strategy starts with clearly defining your target audience and market. Before you can market your coworking space effectively, you must first understand to whom you are planning to deliver your message so that you can use the most effective method. Freelancers and entrepreneurs, for instance, might be the first ones who come to mind when you think of frequent users of coworking spaces. That is due to the growth of the gig economy and the popularity of entrepreneurship among working-age adults, which has increased the demand for shared and coworking spaces. Increasing numbers of smaller companies are also looking at alternate work arrangements, moving away from conventional office spaces due to rising costs. That makes them an attractive target market for coworking spaces to target, especially if they offer options for private offices. More surprising to some may be the larger corporations that are now also turning to flexible coworking spaces as a less costly method of creating a structured work environment for remote employees as the demand for work-from-home and flexible schedule opportunities continues to rise among the workforce.

Develop your digital marketing

Now that you have a better idea of who you wish to target, you should consider several elements when developing a digital marketing plan to promote your coworking space. These will help you create a responsive, well-integrated digital marketing plan that will save time and effort while bringing in more clients.

One of the most important of these is your website. A compelling, smooth-functioning, well-designed website provides a central point for your digital presence and allows you to share quality, organic content that appeals to your target market. Try to utilise design components that will help your website and coworking space stand out from the competition. Simultaneously, it would help if you built an email list to distribute content to your current members and potential clients consistently. This method will allow you to keep your coworking space in your target audience’s minds. Make sure to regularly update your website and social media accounts with engaging content that interests them. It is better to focus your efforts on a few platforms your target market is most active on and then try to have a presence on all platforms. The most effective strategy for developing your digital strategy is to have excellent SEO optimisation. A well-designed and regularly updated blog is a great way to increase the reach of your coworking space and draw in web-traffic and visitors looking for updated and helpful information. At the same time, it is much less effective than in the past; pay-per-click advertising can still make it easier for anyone in your area searching for coworking spaces to find you. Additionally, it will give you a chance to rank higher in search engines, giving you a more substantial online presence.

Consistently produce content

To guarantee a continual stream of interest in your coworking space, you should consistently aim to produce high-quality content as part of your marketing strategy. Doing this will support you in developing visitors to your digital platforms into a network of devoted supporters and potential customers. Regularly producing up-to-date content will help your SEO and page rank and allow you to engage with customers, increasing your coworking space’s reach and awareness. You can further improve your SEO and increase the engagement of your digital platforms by utilising high-quality visual content such as infographics and videos. Make sure to advertise when you are expanding or improving your coworking space. Promote the lead-up to your opening or re-opening through your social media channels, emails, blog updates, and video content. Additionally, ask for coverage in the local news media and encourage your members to spread the word among their networks.


These steps should help you to create and implement an effective marketing strategy for your coworking space. By identifying and engaging with your target market through a well-designed website, email list, and social media accounts, you will be able to showcase your coworking space and draw in new visitors. And by focusing on continuous SEO optimisation and high-quality content generation, you will be able to drive engagement, visibility, and interest towards your coworking space.

If you want more information and tips on coworking and shared workspaces, check out some of our other blogs and articles. We love sharing our knowledge about coworking and regularly update to help others grow their understanding, so check back often.

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