Imagine going to work every day where you could choose who to sit down with and collaborate or who to work with throughout the day – or better yet, not having to memorise everyone’s name or report to anyone?

This is not the stuff of dreams but coworking – rented or leased office spaces which range from cosy to downright luxurious, boasting every amenity you might expect to find in an office. If you’ve never worked in a “coworking” setting then here are some interesting facts and statistics to know:

Top coworking statistics at a glance

  • Today, there are well over 5 million co-workers around the globe.
  • The estimate value of coworking spaces has exceeded $26 billion.
  • Coworking spaces are expected to grow by 13% or more each year.
  • Working out of a coworking space has made workers 89% happier.
  • Worldwide, nearly 40% of SMEs (small-medium businesses) use a co-working or co-shared workspace.

Coworking statistics on productivity

Coworking helps expand professional networks

If you’ve ever been to buffet where the supply of food and drinks never seemed to end, coworking is the office equivalent of that! What makes the concept so brilliant is that you might accidentally bump into a digital marketing expert or a web developer who can help further your business.

In one survey, 82% of the respondents said that since working in a co-shared office setting, their business networks have expanded dramatically.

Working in a shared setting has made members 89% happier

While working out of one’s home can be fun for a while, especially as your pet looks on and you’re absolutely fine going through the daily routine in your PJs – it can get rather lonely and lead to a sense of isolation.

In a co-working setting, however, you can interact with anywhere from 1-4 individuals each day, or none at all, should you choose. The latest coworking statistics indicate that 89% of people working independently from coworking spaces feel happier; 83% of people said they feel a lot less lonely.

Co-workers are better engaged and more motivated

With so many others like you genuinely interested in making progress and achieving their next milestone, it’s easy to feed off their positive energy and renew your own motivation levels.

Co-working inhabitants say they feel more motivated and, in addition, 69% say that they have picked up new skills as a result of interaction and collaboration with the other workers; 68% say that they have upgraded their existing skills significantly since becoming a part of a coworking community.

Statistics on coworking demographics

On average, 40% or more SMEs are using coworking spaces

The coworking concept has proven to be quite popular, with SMEs and startups forming nearly half the demographics.

The average age of a coworking member is 34-36

While you may occasionally run into coworking space members in their 20s or early 30s, most are in their mid-30s, working hard to take their business off the ground!

Women co-working members are on the rise

Women yearn for a flexible work environment and thanks to workspace-sharing companies, can work with complete peace of mind; nearly 50% of the freelancers in co-working spaces are women.