We know that the environment we are in can have a significant impact on our minds and moods. Some environments can make us feel energised or excited, while others can leave us feeling tired or frustrated. That is why looking at the right choice of colours in the workplace is essential. Today, we will look at four workplace colours that work well and can have beneficial effects.

Colour psychology studies the effects of different colours on our behaviour. It is regularly used in marketing and advertising to entice the audience and create a calming impact on hospitals. Colour psychology has shown that specific colours are more effective in the workplace in boosting performance. Given how much of our time we spend at work, it is essential to choose colours that can positively affect our moods and even our mental health.

Now that we have a better understanding of the reasons why this is important, we will look at four colours that can improve the work environment.


One of the best options to bring a sense of peace and calm to your workplace is to apply a lighter shade of blue to the environment. The colour is great because it is a non-threatening colour with a broad appeal. Light blue not only has a calming feeling but also gives a feeling of reliability, confidence and professionalism. Studies have shown that people are more creative and productive when working in an environment with blue-coloured decorations. That makes light blue an ideal choice for adding colour to your workplace while making it more comfortable and productive.


Another option to create a peaceful and inviting workplace is to add the colour green. Green evokes a sense of nature and tranquillity but is also often associated with prosperity and wealth. It has a reassuring effect and reflects a sense of eco-friendliness in the workspace. People working in such environments show greater calm and yet have a higher sense of alertness. For added effectiveness, you can use decorative plants to add green to your environment and produce a feeling of liveliness.


A classic colour of choice and regularly associated with elegance and sophistication, black is less common now than in the past. Although it can make a space seem smaller, it is also a colour that signifies confidence and power. That makes it a popular choice for an executive office. More importantly, black is a colour that fits in well with many different themes, so even if it is not as commonly used as the primary colour, it can complement the main colour of a workspace.


For a more modern and trendy feel at the workplace, yellow is a great colour to choose. Yellow is a warm, bright, sunny colour that can make the environment more upbeat and energised. It has the effect of making people feel more optimistic and can elevate their moods, making them more cheerful and happier. The colour is also associated with creativity, thinking, attentiveness and memory retention. That is why adding yellow to a training room can improve the effectiveness of the employees learning there and generally make a more productive work environment.

So, try adding colour to your workplace to make it more appealing. Not only will the people at the office feel more refreshed, but you may also soon start seeing improved productivity. Check out our other articles for more ideas on improving your workspace, increasing productivity and improving morale.

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