If you’re a Karachi person living the busy life of a freelancer, startup or entrepreneur, then you already know how relentless and unforgiving the proverbial rat race can be.

You’re always on the move, travelling for work, meeting people, making sure that you’re two steps ahead of your competitors – all that good stuff!

Living the life of an entrepreneur or freelancer can have its rewards but also brings a unique set of challenges to the table – among them is finding the right work-life balance.

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance – Working out of a Coworking Space

Here’s how working out of a coworking space can help you attain the perfect work-life balance:

More flexibility

While there are many folks still following the standard 9-5 day-job routine, an increasing number of young startups and entrepreneurs are veering toward a schedule that gives them more freedom over work vs. leisure hours.

Unfortunately, conventional workplaces do not offer this flexibility which means people’s personal lives end up taking a backseat. In some cases, these fixed and often long hours each week can even cause a drop in productivity and job satisfaction levels.

A well-designed coworking space offers the best of both worlds: your own dedicated space that feels like an office and flexible hours. The flexibility and, to some degree, the luxury of making your own work hours means a healthy work-life balance.

Learning and not competing

Did you know that one of the key reasons for people suffering from an improper work-life balance is a never-ending contest to do better than their co-workers? You were so busy competing with others at the workplace that it even cost you your personal life.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, offer supportive communities where people are not competing but sharing knowhow and knowledge – where everyone is busy building networks that help them prosper professionally and personally.

When people know that they don’t have to compete with each other in the same organization, they are more willing to communicate freely and without any fears of ‘getting left behind’.

You get much needed downtime

At times, the only way to get the right work and life balance is through a little R&R. What form that rest and relaxation comes is entirely up to you and this is why many professionals working out of a coworking space call it a haven for decompressing and unwinding.

Owing to the sheer camaraderie that ensues between coworking space workers and the many learning opportunities and social events that come your way, there are always moments where you can take time off and give your life much needed attention.

You’re doing what you love

No matter how much you love what you do, at a regular office, extra stress can often stem from doing somewhat ‘unnecessary chores’ – like trying to fix the internet or asking someone to replace the toner in the printer – the list goes on. Coworking spaces do away with this headache entirely – because everything is maintained and always there when you need it – helping you focus on doing what you love, which in turn, means a better work-life balance.