Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner and looking for an office to kick-start your business activities can be a very taxing and daunting task. The current global coronavirus pandemic has complicated matters even further.

In these dark and uncertain times, your best bet would be to rent out a coworking space and save not only your money but also your time.

Gone are the days of fully-fledged offices designated to just one business. From this ongoing global pandemic, employers have learned that their employees are fully capable of working remotely.

So why pay a hefty amount on large office space when you can share it and free up a lot of expenses? CoSpace 1.0 at Shahrah-e-Faisal and CoSpace 2.0 at Federal B Area have come as a welcome respite for business owners in Karachi.

It is no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down business globally, and every business owner is feeling the full brunt of this slump. That is why it is even more significant than ever to play smart and save up on unwanted expenses – and coworking spaces in Karachi are providing just that opportunity.

  • Start Small And Move Your Way Up: 

Many small business owners do not need a vast office space to start their business activities. Searching for a place, purchasing and moving in new office furniture, decorating it, and getting it equipped to start your business activities can take up a lot of time and energy. However, you can free that up by renting a coworking space.

A coworking space, particularly in Karachi, provides you with all the equipment and facilities needed to get things running from the word go, saving your precious time and money. Once you feel you want to expand your business activities and bring in more employees, you can either rent a bigger coworking space or move into your own private office.

  • Minimising Costs:

When you are starting your business, you would ideally want all your money to be used wisely, with the growth of the company taking the utmost priority. Coworking spaces such as CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace 2.0 help you achieve just that because you don’t have to worry about any administrative costs such as cleaning of the office, or getting the air conditioner’s filter cleaned or replaced.

  • Fixed Monthly Rates:

When you rent a leased office, you have to bear the business rates and several utility bills and maintenance charges associated with the office space. Business rates and utility bills can increase based on the valuation of the property and the consumption of the utilities, respectively.

However, coworking spaces in Karachi tell a different story altogether. They come with fixed business rates with utility expenses already included in that amount.

  • Bypass Agent’s Commission:

When you are looking to acquire an office, you have to make sure that you are negotiating a fair deal for the lease. For this purpose, you will have to involve a third party agent to represent you and pay him some commission. This cost can easily be saved up by merely renting a coworking office space.

  • Social Networking Opportunities:

One of the essential benefits of working out of a coworking space in Karachi is the endless line of networking opportunities you can make use of. Engaging with like-minded entrepreneurs can help you open new avenues to grow as a company and bring in an extra source of income if you play your cards right. All in all, coworking spaces save you a lot of time and money by taking care of your entire office space needs for you and letting you concentrate on expanding your business.