Productivity is an essential part of any business, be it large or small, new or highly experienced. Businesses need to constantly enhance their output to keep at pace with the constantly growing market. Everyone wants to speed up their work with less effort to advance their time management in order to achieve high results while being cost-effective. The world is constantly digitalizing thus, methods of productivity are also digital now. There are many software and apps that help business measure and increase their productivity. They have information like charts, graphs, documents, presentations, electronic music, digital videos and much more. There are various Apps that help increase the productivity of your business and be successful, here are few listed:

  • Evernote

Evernote is a digital notebook that you can use to list down ideas and important notes and you can easily access it with a few clicks. Many of you must be tired of keeping official notes in a safe space all the time yet have them handy whenever you need them. Evernote solves that problem as everything is safely stored in Evernote; it helps plan content, take down notes during meetings and have your thoughts organized. CoSpace1.0 and CoSpace F.B. Area can have its offices connected through Evernote as they can collaborate together on the App and everyone can add their input to a certain topic, this way things will be much efficient and easily accessible to all.

  • Rescue Time

As the name suggests, it is an App that helps you keep track of your time and tasks. Everyone is doing something or the other but having it written down shows exactly how much you have achieved in a day or week. You can put reports and data on the App and see real-time results, consequently, you can make changes and achieve even higher productivity. It also has additional features where you can block distracting websites and get notified when you are spending time away from your work; no wonder it has a commendable 5-star rating from PCMag.

  • TapeACAll Pro

A lot of conversation is done through phone calls and teleconferencing in the business world today, and although we take down notes it is almost impossible to note or memorise every part of the conversation. Here, Tape A Call Pro comes very handy, CoSpace1.0 and CoSpace F.B. Area can use it to simply record the entire conversation and get back to it for important details of the meeting. This way they don’t have to bother the client again for little details which saves time and makes things more efficient. You can also save the recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive or email it so that everyone can access it.

  • Hootsuite

In 2020 it is important to choose social media marketing, especially if you are an emerging business like CoSpace 1.0 and CoSpace F.B. Area. Many people think it takes up time and may not give expected results, but they are yet to discover the power of social media marketing. Hootsuite is just the right App to help businesses like these; you don’t have to spend much time. You can put up all the posts and schedule them before time, you can also post on several social networks at one time and can have multiple users. This saves time, effort and consequently improves productivity through adequate marketing.