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Colour trends: four colours for the workplace

By |29 November 2022|

We know that the environment we are in can have a significant impact on our minds and moods. Some environments can make us feel energised or excited, while others can leave us feeling tired or frustrated. That is why looking at the right choice of colours in the workplace is …

Three tips for dealing with stress at work

By |25 November 2022|

Work can be stressful; what is important, though, is learning how to deal with it in a healthy way. Because stress does not just cause you to lose focus and become unproductive, it can also directly impact your health. Today, we will be looking at ways to help when dealing …

Four mindfulness tips to improve productivity

By |23 November 2022|

Mindfulness is a method of staying present, reducing stress and refreshing yourself. Less commonly known is that mindfulness can have many benefits for your performance at work. That is why today, we will be looking at ways you can improve productivity with mindfulness in the workplace.

We can achieve mindfulness in …

Four ergonomic tips for improving your workplace

By |21 November 2022|

We spend a large portion of our day at our workplace. That makes it very important to ensure that our workplace is ergonomically sound. Ergonomics is not just good for your health; it can majorly affect your productivity. Here we will be looking at some tips for using ergonomics to …

Five tips for running an effective meeting

By |8 November 2022|

Meetings can be a great way to generate discussion, brainstorm ideas and help in decision-making. Or they can waste everyone’s time, lead to nowhere and demotivate the attendees. It all depends on how well run the meeting is. We will share some tips that will help you to ensure that …

Five tips for reducing stress at the workplace

By |4 November 2022|

Stress is a part of everyday life but can hurt many aspects of your life. And work especially can be a significant source of stress, leading to lowered productivity and higher employee turnovers, which is why it is crucial to work towards creating a workplace that is relatively low on …


4 simple tips to boost your productivity

By |28 March 2023|

Coworking spaces are terrific places to work due to their cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and accessibility to amenities. As a result, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers, as they offer a viable alternative to costly and restrictive traditional office spaces. However, with so many people …

Impact of coworking on traditional offices

By |23 March 2023|

With the many advantages they offer over conventional office spaces, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular over the past few years. As more people look for flexible workspaces and collaborative environments, traditional offices are starting to feel the impact of this shift in mindsets and trends. Today, we will take …

Four outstanding coworking spaces from around the world

By |28 February 2023|

With their excellent design and aesthetics, coworking spaces are fantastic places to work and also serve as sources of inspiration. Today, we will look at four outstanding coworking spaces from around the world, each with its own distinctive mix of decor, amenities, and atmosphere. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a …

Three tips to increase productivity

By |23 February 2023|

In our fast-paced society, productivity is a critical component of being successful. Concentrating and completing activities can be challenging when so many distractions and tasks are around, especially when working remotely. However, here are three tips to increase productivity that will help you focus better and get more done in …

Three ways coworking can help your mental health

By |15 February 2023|

The appeal of coworking is that it frees you from the confines of a typical office and gives you the freedom to work how you want to stay motivated and productive. Additionally, a vital part of coworking is the networking, community and support you can find in the coworking space …

Six services coworking spaces should offer

By |10 February 2023|

The continuing popularity of coworking spaces has led to an increase in the number of coworking spaces around the world. Today, we will look at how a coworking space can differentiate itself from the market. We will be looking at six services coworking spaces should offer that can help them …

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